Core Courses:

They are mandatory 25-hour courses, one of which is taught each month.
These courses are divided into three curricular cores: Psychoanalytic Theory, References and Research

Psychoanalytic Theory Core

These are ten courses whose contents are based on the main ideas of Sigmund Freud’s and Lacan’s teachings, from Lacan’s first elaborations to his last teachings, when he developed his notions of topology and Borromean clinic.

The courses in this core are as follow:

Reference Core

These eight courses are intended to address the major contributions that Lacan received for the development of his ideas in each stage of his teaching. They intertwine and interact with the courses in the Psychoanalytic Theory Core.

The courses in this core are as follows:

  • Dra. Beatriz Bixio
  • Dr. Diego Fonti
  • Mgter. Tomás Bondone
  • Mgter. Patricia Altamirano
  • Dr. Eduardo Mattio
  • Dra. Mariana Gómez

Research Core

These are the Thesis Writing Workshops to be taught throughout the program for students thesis writing and follow-up. They deal with research problems, strategies and tools in social sciences. Students are divided into small groups and each group is assigned a specialized research methodology professor. Once a month, students meet with their professor in order to do personalized work on their thesis-writing process.


Dra. Leticia Luque | Mgter. Laura Bustamante

Special Courses:

They are elective 15-hour courses. They are intended to contribute to student’s thesis work.
They are defined on the basis of student’s most recurrent research topics. Each student must take four Special Courses throughout the program

Elective Courses

The offer of these shorter elective courses varies from cohort to cohort. Currently, they are as follows:

  • Mgter. Alejandro Rostagnotto
  • Lic. Graciela Brodsky
  • Dr. Fabián Naparstek
  • Dra. Ximena Triquell, Prof. Roger Koza y Dr. Jorge Assef