Project Description

Interview with Pablo Sigismondi

By David Albano González, Hernán Brizio and Marco Alfieri.



With the well-known generosity that characterizes him, Pablo Sigismondi, from the Central African Republic (his last trip), accepted our invitation to be interviewed by LAPSO. Born in Córdoba, he is a photographer, a geographer, and a traveler who knows the world better than any other Argentine.

His travels do not end until he has sufficiently narrated them through photographic exhibitions, seminars, press reports, and conferences. The destinations he chooses are always impregnated with a geopolitical interest. So we wonder whether we can look into the incidence of the obscure gods of our time in those places.

LAPSO met Sigismondi in a traditional restaurant in Córdoba one day in July. The extensive conversation would have continued if it hadn’t been for the participants’ busy schedules, because Pablo’s stories are extremely interesting, due perhaps to his exploratory passion, or perhaps to his commitment with what he reports.

Both the cover of this issue of LAPSO and the interview with Pablo Sigismondi have some of his photographs, which he kindly gave us for this edition. We are deeply grateful to him.

This article is only available in Spanish.