Project Description

When two things come together that had not been gathered before.
A man, a woman and theirs symptoms.




This paper attempt to differentiate two notions related to hysteria and femenine position in Lacan´s work. The first one refers to what Lacan has called symptom of another symptom like a characteristic of hysteria. It remits to its particular relation with sexuality and men, mainly based on the love to the father. The second one refers to the femenine position as the posibility of being symptom of another body in its relationship with a man. This differentiation allows to locate not only how a woman is related with a man according to the position in witch she is placed, but also it allows to locate her relationship with her own body. It can be “body rejection” like in the hysteria. For femenine position it is verified a consent in the relation with her body and femenine jouissance.

This article is only available in Spanish.