Project Description

Interview with Baby Novotny



What is the relationship between the categories of parlêtre, body, and event in Lacan’s late teaching?

What do we call a “body event”?

Lacan states, “The parlêtre adores its body because it believes it has one (…) its body is its only consistency.” Is it enough with adoration and belief for the body to be consistent?

Does Lacan’s late teaching displace the classic Lacan?

Would Lacan’s late teaching exist without Jacques-Alain Miller?

In Seminar 23, Lacan states that we must “be broken” into a “new imaginary”. How do you interpret that idea?

Does the notion of a “new imaginary” invite us to think about the Freudian concept of “narcissism”?

Does the notion of a “new imaginary” have an impact on the clinical practice of psychoanalysis?

How can the notion of a “new imaginary” help us understand the concept of parlêtre?